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The Power of 8's : An Excercise Circuit to Turn You Into a Backpacking Badass

Backpacking in the Smokies will eat your lunch if you are underprepared but if you follow this workout plan you will be bounding over mountaintops and ridgelines in no time.

“The Power of 8’s” consists of 11 different exercises that are meant to be done in order.

The program consists of two circuits running back to back. Basically, you repeat the exercises for 2 rounds.

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Fire in a Downpour: A Two Day Backpacking Trip in the Smoky Mountains

Recently, I was able to go on a personal backpacking trip into the Smoky Mountains, something that I don’t usually get to do. Most of my trips out these days center around business concerns in regards to achieving specific objectives for The American Wild Trekking Company.  I was able to return to the wilderness with my twin brother Nick, who I haven’t backpacked with in 6 years. The last time I went on an overnight trip into the backcountry with him was into the Pyrenees Range in France in 2012.

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What One Man Can Do Another Man Can Do...

We had been a month in the wilderness when my brother and I were cresting an off trail ridge line in the high Pyrenees. Using compass/map directions and elevation readings alone, we were transferring from the the GR 10 in France over the border to the GR 11 in Spain. Pic du Midi d’Ossau to our backs and the Spanish border to our front. We had successfully covered 200 miles of trail since leaving the French Coast at Hendaye. It took a grueling three hours to reach the col. While gazing upon the distance we had covered in France I began to reminisce about the life path that had led me to that windy pass.

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