Teaching Backcountry Travel: All Inclusive Backpacking Packages

From time to time I reminisce about learning to backpack on my own. My twin brother and I would head into the wild with no knowledge of backcountry travel and learn from trial and error. It took almost two years of hardship and unnecessary mistakes to get dialed in on the nuance and skill required to mount our own expeditions.

American Wild Trekking has decided to offer backpacking packages that include a full gear kit and instruction in the backcountry on its proper deployment and use along with a guided trip through Smoky Mountain National Park. These three day backpacking trips in the Great Smoky Mountains will take us into the Big Creek watershed and all the way up to the top of Mount Sterling; my favorite section of the national park. As an outfitter and a trekking company we are in the unique position of providing the gear you need along with one of our best Smoky Mountain Hiking Trips.  

Hands on teaching from a backcountry expert elevates our guests from novices to competent backcountry travelers quickly and efficiently. Combine learning new skills with a narrative experience of the most biodiverse and beautiful ecosystem in the northern hemisphere and the trip becomes life changing.   

“I love teaching new outdoor skills and equipping my guests for success. My love of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park combined with my 15 years of experience leading guided backpacking trips will make for an unforgettable experience and enable you to create memories of your own in isolated backcountry environments.” - Jake Wittman

The package includes our guided Big Creek Circuit itinerary along with all the gear you need to mount your own future forays into the wild.

The gear includes a Sierra Designs Flex Capacitor pack, Kelty Sine 20 sleeping bag, Thermarest sleeping pad, Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight tent, MSR Windburner stove system, cookware, water filtration, and a recipe book to use for making your own backcountry cuisine.

The syllabus includes orienteering, natural navigation, possible food sources in the Appalachian Mountains, pack fitting and weight distribution, recipe execution and caloric intake guidelines, and logistical planning.

Planned trip dates are: May 3rd-5th 2019, May 17th-19th 2019,

June 7th-9th 2019.

Group sizes will not exceed 5 guests per trip.

Contact American Wild Trekking at (916)936-8188 or americanwildtrekking@gmail.com for more information.