Return to Your Roots

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Narrative Substance is a necessary aspect of human existence. It ties every action we make to primordial roots and purpose. Modern western civilization has divorced itself from the roots that made it grow into the beautiful thing that it is today. As humans, we are born into an artificial world that has been shaped and molded by those that came before us. Without sacred narrative substance underlying the paths we take in life, we commit a serious disservice to our ancestors and those that came before. All things have become profane. Every aspect of our lives is dictated by profane ambition, an ambition purposefully divorced from the continuity of the human story for the sake of centralized social control. The full and rich narrative of life tied to past human experience and transcendent understanding of purpose and place has been traded for empty spectacle that has no tie to the past or the future, exists solely in it its own right, and separates individuals from their common collective tie to the reality of individual destiny. 

Any great and lasting work that has been undertaken in the past has always been tied to a deeper purpose than filling one's pockets with gold. 

You can look around and see how the modern profane perspective about the nature of human existence has poisoned the human spirit, led to existential misery, and narcissistic suffering. School shootings in the United States are perfect example of the modern spiritual ailment that plagues the young people of the west. There is no real starvation or want in the United States. Most base necessities are met easily for most people here. So from whence does this discontent and externalized misery spring?

The young cry out for meaning and their cries are met with contempt by the established educational and social order. Purposefully starved, they are told to fill their hunger with possessions and the pursuit of empty status that is not gained by virtue of risk, character, or grit; but by toeing the line and fitting a mold that has been deemed socially beneficial by the elite that own us. If a young person, young man in particular, cannot toe the line or fit into an artificial social construct, it is simple to assume that without purpose his only recourse is to attack that artificial construct with violence as an act of protest. Extremely violent protest but protest nonetheless.

Overnight Wilderness Backpacking Trips

Enforcing the established dogma of social utility at the cost of emasculation to every young man will end badly. There need to be other outlets and other means of expression outside of the false narrative that is being pushed. My life's work is to provide an alternative path for those suffering in a state of nihilistic despair. A path founded upon destiny and an innate understanding of the sacred nature of human existence and history. By going back to our roots, the wilderness, all artifice and falsehood is burned away. There is no false security in the wild places, just a confrontation with the hero myth that lies in the heart of all. Venturing into the lonely places for an extensive period of time allows an individual to integrate the aspects of his true nature into a contiguous whole, those that are deemed as bad and those that are deemed as good. 

We were meant to live in open and honest communities of other people, a tribe and a real place of belonging. The most pertinent aspect of true community is honesty in spirit and conduct according to each individuals personal mandate and calling. Masculinity and femninity are innate spiritual dispensations that have been recognized by primitive man from time immemorial. The only answer to the current spiritual conundrum that we face is a reassertion of that which is innately true.  Reassertion of personal responsibility in the face that which will one day destroy all of us (death) is reassertion of social responsibility and allows us the grace to suffer stoically under the weight of such a sentence. 

There are modern methods of securing a current form of free market small scale community where wealth is distributed in an egalitarian fashion by virtue of the free market system. Those methods include 3d printing, electric motors, open source designs for agrarian technologies, decentralized banking, and cryptocurrencies. A new dawn is emerging that can set humanity free from the bonds of subservience to the collective and the modern nation state. 

The only way to achieve this sort of progress is to fight for it in the minds of our children. There are malevolent actors that seek the subjugation and disenfranchisement of us and our progeny. They pull the levers of governmental power, control the narrative of the mainstream media, and dictate how the macro economy functions in order to preserve their hegemony on control. Their cause is the cause of collective misery, built upon emotional manipulation and scapegoating. There will be conflict between those that are tossed to and fro by the waves of consensus opinion and relativism, and those whose paradigm is built upon the rock of innate truth.

The first key is a paradigm shift in the minds of our children. We must bring them up with a knowledge of the underlying divine narrative that guides each of our lives. The miraculous is all around us and makes itself apparent through natural laws that are immutable and innately true. Upon this foundation we can teach them innate moral law and how to live their lives according to personal responsibility. Exposure to the wilderness at a certain age can instill the principles of self discipline, an understanding of how to overcome challenges on a personal level, and an ability to suffer heroically that has been lost to most of us living in modern western society. These experiences make us transparent to transcendence and in effect we inherit the divine capacity to suffer for purpose and meaning. 

It is imperative that we bear the burden of actively creating the world in association with that which is sacred. We, as Americans, have a duty to fight for that which is innately right and good. A storm is coming and the old system will not go down without resistance. There are those that are so hopelessly dependent upon the Matrix that they will fight to keep it, even though they know it is a lie. 

We can make a cacophony so loud  that the Gods will hear it. By recognizing beauty and suffering and screaming at the sky we can change the destiny and direction of the entire human race with each individual choice we make. The question is, will we serve the masters or will we follow our destined path? The divinity in all is made manifest in the face of our mortal emasculation. Only by acknowledging our certain end and the ultimate futility of the actions we take on this speck of dust can we transcend the bounds of our human fragility. The gift we have been given is to sacrifice for that which we love and to bear under the suffering and hardship of life, facing it fully and accepting it of our own volition. This is what we hand to our progeny.